What is Anna’s EFC expected family contribution )? What does this number mean?

What is Anna’s EFC expected family contribution )? What does this number mean?
Expert Answer. 5 months ago. EFC(Expected Family Contribution), is a number that universities use to calculate what further financial assistance you’re qualified for. It is obtained from the FAFSA financial aid form, CSS assessment, or other federal aid forms.

How do you say let me know if you need assistance?
“Please let me know if you have any questions.” “If you have any other problems, just let me know.” “If there is anything else you need, please let me know.”

How can I get full scholarship in NUS Singapore?
Have good co-curricular activities record. Possess outstanding Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level, local polytechnic diploma, International Baccalaureate diploma, NUS High School diploma or equivalent qualifications. Be applying for admission to a full-time undergraduate degree programme at NUS.

What is a professional way of asking for assistance?
Be respectful and show trust — You have to demonstrate a willingness to learn from the person you’ve addressed for help. Show that you trust and respect them. Be considerate of timing — Make sure you don’t ask for help at the last minute. Check with the other person when it would be a good time to talk.

How do you professionally say please let me know?
Please let me know. Please keep me posted. Please get back to me. Please fill me in. Please keep me in the loop.

How do you say I am in financial problems?
I’m a bit low on funds. I’m a bit short on cash at the moment. I’m broke. I can’t afford it. I’m strapped for cash.

What is a low income family in Singapore?
Total gross monthly household income is $4,500 or less, or total gross monthly household per capita income is $1,125 or less. Child is 7 – 14 years of age. Child attends a MSF-registered Student Care Centre.

What does provide financial support mean?
uncountable noun. Financial support is money provided to enable an organization to continue. This money is usually provided by the government.

What is a word for a formal request for assistance?
synonyms for request for help appeal. application. begging. benediction.

What is the difference between can you please and could you please?
The most important things to remember are: Can is used when referring to something with a strong possibility or occurring, whereas could is used to refer to something that has a weak possibility. Both can and could can be used to make a request, but when asking for permission, could is the more polite choice to use.

How do you humbly ask for financial assistance?
Determine your needs. To avoid asking for more or less than you need, write out the exact amount you need and what you need it for. Explain your efforts so far. Develop a repayment plan. Give help in return. Be respectful.

How do you write a letter explaining financial situation?
Explain the Problem. What is impacting your ability to make payments? Illustrate the Severity of Your Financial Hardship. Demonstrate Your Efforts to Remedy the Situation. State Your Request Clearly. Provide Evidence.

How do you say financial help?
backing. financial support. financing. funding. patronization. sponsorship. support. venture capital.

How do you say if you need any assistance?
If there is anything else you need, please, let me know. If I can be of any further assistance, please, let me know. If there is anything else I can do for you, please, don’t hesitate to let me know. Please, feel free to let me know if you require any further information.

How do you explain your current financial situation?
Explain the difficulties you are having meeting your needs. Describe changes in your life that have affected your ability to pay for college. For example, changes in your family’s income or unexpected expenses may have caused a financial deficit. Provide evidence that you can handle your finances responsibly.

What is a sentence for financial situation?
1. Our financial situation had become precarious. 2. She made several oblique references to the current financial situation.

What is the meaning of financially support?
Definitions of financial support. financial resources provided to make some project possible. synonyms: backing, financial backing, funding, support. type of: resource. available source of wealth; a new or reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed.

How do you write an email asking for assistance?
Use a clear, direct subject line. Greet your reader. Establish your credibility. Put the question in the first or second sentence. Use a call to action to clarify the next steps. Make your email easy to read. Give your reader a deadline. Close the email politely and thoughtfully.

How do you tell your boss you need assistance?
Act swiftly – the longer you delay asking for help the worse the issue can become and the fewer options there will be to resolve them. Create a list of the tasks you are currently working on in order of importance. Work out how long each task will take you to do.

How do you say do I know you in a polite way?
“Do I know you?” means “have we met before?” It is another way of saying “I think I know you…do you know me?” It’s common to add a polite introductory word like ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me’ before asking the question. For example: “Excuse me, do I know you?” “Sorry, I don’t mean to worry you, but do I know you?”



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